Troy Grabow

General Counsel, Vice President of IP
Cabeau, Inc.


09:45 AM SENIOR LEADERSHIP PANEL DISCUSSION: Assess Your AC&BP Activities & Determine Their Business Worth

With brand protection and IP departments perceived as non-revenue generating departments, ensuring your C-Suite is on the same page and values the importance of your AC&BP initiatives is essential. To obtain program support, your C-Suite must be able to adequately assess your AC&BP initiatives so they can in turn determine their business worth.

In this session, our Senior Leadership speakers will discuss:

  • Effective strategies to communicate your initiatives’ short and long-term goals and in terms the C-Suite can appreciate and sign-off on
  • Analytics, metrics, and benchmarking tools your C-Suite employ to evaluate your AC&BP initiatives
  • How to develop effective ROI analyses, and in turn convey this critical information to your C-Suite