Todd Grossman

CEO - Americas


09:30 AM Workshop A: Brand Protection in the Social Media Era – Why Image Recognition Holds the Key

Your brand’s logo is your company identifier illustrating your mission, culture, voice, industry, history. For your customers, it reassures and promises validity. Its financial value is unquantifiable. The Internet has mobilized a world of virtual shopfronts using social media as their billboard. But, this online freedom brings risks to your business. Reputational risks in the form of brand abuse; leading to brand dilution, customer confusion, reduced confidence, and trademark infringement. 

In the session, we will discuss:

  • Why image recognition matters for your business
  • Customer Service - If a customer shares an image of your badged product with accompanying text complaining, but failing to mention your brand, how would you know? With image recognition alerting you, you can respond quickly and reduce potential to your brand.
  • User-Generated Content- You’ve launched a new product and customers love it! They’re sharing photos online, and the buzz is positive. But, they’re not mentioning your brand! Image recognition finds this user-generated content so you can harness its power.