Steve M. Stachowiak

Senior Operations Manager, Consumer Product Group
Whirlpool Corporation


2:00 PM Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs): How to Prioritize Your ACBP Initiatives Based Upon Your Particular Budget

In a perfect world, all companies would have a huge AC&BP budget to put the bad guys out of business. In the real world, no matter how big your AC&BP budget may be, you can’t do it all. That said, it’s imperative to develop a realistic AC&BP strategy plan based upon your organization’s particular budget - which of course will also be dependent upon your brand’s scope, manpower & technological capabilities.

In this session, you will have the opportunity to take a deep-dive into learning more about how to develop a realistic list of AC&BP project priorities.

This session is designed to encourage lively intellectual exchange, with groups broken down by the below budget size.

New & Start Up Budget
As a new or start up AC&BP department, what should your top priorities be with respect to developing and implementing an AC&BP program?

Moderate Budget
Your budget isn’t exactly small, nor is it limitless. That said, how can you make the most of your moderate budget, while keeping costs down on the less important matters so you can have the appropriate funds to fight your big battles?

Big Budget
Even with a big budget, you simply can’t do and have everything. When you have a robust budget, what should your top priorities be?


3:15 PM TOWN HALL: Examine Your Top Burning Questions

Let’s face it, the greatest take-away you can bring back to your organization is sound advice that specifically addresses your questions that relate to protecting your brand against counterfeiting. This session will consist of open-forum Q&As with speakers answering questions you have submitted earlier in the day, such as:

  • How do I determine which government agencies to work with on x AC&BP matter?
  • How do I develop an effective business case my C-Suite can embrace with respect to establishing, and/or further developing our company’s AC&BP departments and initiatives?
  • How do I determine if our company does indeed have the capabilities and interest to pursue a counterfeiting judgement?
  • And much more!