Maral Behnam-Garcia

Trademark & Brand Protection Manager
SunPower Corporation


2:30 PM Workshop C: All Hands On Deck! – To Protect Your Brand From Trademark Infringement

To protect your brand against trademark infringement, various departments must work together very closely throughout a product’s lifespan – even as early as at the product pre-launch stage.

By successfully collaborating with your R&D, risk assessment, security, packaging, PR, marketing, sales, supply chain management, licensing, and legal departments, your organization will be better equipped to develop and manage effective short and long-term AC&BP programs.

In this session, we will discuss methods that will enable you to:

  • Collaborate effectively with the above departments
  • Better understand other department’s perspectives, as it relates to their respective agendas, requirements, obstacles, and goals - so you may in turn develop an AC&BP program all departments can embrace