Lynn Mayer

Senior Corporate Counsel
Paris Presents Incorporated


11:30 AM How to Effectively Reduce & Prosecute Online Counterfeiting Rings

Counterfeiting rings around the globe are highly-technically skilled at setting up thousands of online marketplaces that mislead consumers in believing a .com is a brand’s official website - or products on one of their hundreds of other fraudulent marketplace websites are authentic.

As the world has turned to the Internet as their 24/7 go-to-source to purchase a wide variety of goods, brand owners need to put shutting down these websites to the top of their AC&BP to do list.

In this session, you will learn more about:

  • How to develop and maintain strategic AC&BP partnerships with online marketplaces, payment processors, digital advertising entities, and law enforcement agencies
  • How to effectively work with Internet hosting companies, domain registrars & registries, and Internet access providers to reduce online counterfeiting activities
  • Effective methods to shut down cyber-squatting domains
  • How to effectively source and collaborate with local and international law enforcement, investigative, and prosecution partners that specialize in online product counterfeiting


3:15 PM TOWN HALL: Examine Your Top Burning Questions

Let’s face it, the greatest take-away you can bring back to your organization is sound advice that specifically addresses your questions that relate to protecting your brand against counterfeiting. This session will consist of open-forum Q&As with speakers answering questions you have submitted earlier in the day, such as:

  • How do I determine which government agencies to work with on x AC&BP matter?
  • How do I develop an effective business case my C-Suite can embrace with respect to establishing, and/or further developing our company’s AC&BP departments and initiatives?
  • How do I determine if our company does indeed have the capabilities and interest to pursue a counterfeiting judgement?
  • And much more!