Kate Asher

Senior Intellectual Property Counsel
Philips Electronics


11:15 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: How to Take Down Counterfeited Product Returns & Destruction Rings

As many of you already know, the business of counterfeited product returns and destruction rings is booming year round, and even more so after the holiday shopping season.

When a counterfeiting operation returns fake products to a seller and receives full market price for the fraudulent products, their net profit is obviously quite lofty, especially when they process large quantities of product returns with various sellers around the globe. On the same front, when counterfeiting rings tap into product returns that are supposed to be destroyed, yet aren’t, the cycle continues – as well as lends to the distribution of grey/diversion products.

In this session, you will learn more about:

  • How to protect your brand from fraudulent returns, on a warehouse security, return’s policy, and product distribution level
  • Effective investigative & prosecution strategies your internal/external AC&BP teams can employ to reduce such activity