Joe Soniat, CAMS

Bank Secretary Act Officer
Union Bank and Trust


1:00 PM Hurt Them Where It Hurts Most!

By shutting down a counterfeiter’s ability to financially run their illicit counterfeiting operations, you will be one-step ahead of them in the race against their continued harm against your brand. One piece of the puzzle to fight a good fight against counterfeiters is to shut down their payment processing methods, and/or their enterprises’ financials running through various banks throughout the world.

By attending this session, you will:

  • Learn how to effectively plan and implement domestic & international bank seizures, including in countries that are the most difficult to navigate
  • Better understand your options with respect to shutting down 3rd party online payment methods linked with fraudulent online marketplaces
  • Obtain a keen understanding of what’s involved on a law enforcement level, including what type of documentation, verification, and legal actions must be in place prior to going after a counterfeiter’s financial operations/systems