Geoffrey Potter

Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP


09:00 AM Best Practices for Fighting Product Diversion

Companies frequently sell the same product both domestically and outside the United States. But they do not want the international
product diverted into the United States because it could be sold at a lower price, is in different packaging, or uses a different design
or formulation. Consider solutions for this problem along with the head of product protection for a global pharmaceutical company
and a nationally prominent product protection lawyer. Review a global pharmaceutical company’s successful effort to stop its diversion problem by internally policing its own distribution chain and externally using the courts to obtain injunctions and damages
against hundreds of diverters.


08:45 AM Chairman’s Recap

09:00 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Effective Strategies to Chase and Stop Counterfeiting Rings

As we all know, building a strong legal case doesn’t necessarily guarantee a counterfeiter will show up in court or stop their illicit operations. When this occurs, the cycle of trademark infringement against your brand continues. Nevertheless, your brand does have many options your investigative and legal teams can take advantage of to track, trace, and in turn, stop counterfeiters, even if they don’t show up for their court date.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • How to develop strategic partnerships with domestic and international law enforcement, investigative, and legal teams to locate, apprehend, and bring forward counterfeiters for prosecution
  • Legal filings, protocols, and standards to uphold based upon a variety of regional jurisdictions throughout the world
  • Innovative technologies that offer brands data analytics, security alerts, track & trace, and other information that can assist in stopping trademark infringement and counterfeiting

3:15 PM TOWN HALL: Examine Your Top Burning Questions

Let’s face it, the greatest take-away you can bring back to your organization is sound advice that specifically addresses your questions that relate to protecting your brand against counterfeiting. This session will consist of open-forum Q&As with speakers answering questions you have submitted earlier in the day, such as:

  • How do I determine which government agencies to work with on x AC&BP matter?
  • How do I develop an effective business case my C-Suite can embrace with respect to establishing, and/or further developing our company’s AC&BP departments and initiatives?
  • How do I determine if our company does indeed have the capabilities and interest to pursue a counterfeiting judgement?
  • And much more!