Angelo Mazza

President - Partner, IP Counsel
IACC Foundation - Gibney Anthony & Flaherty, LLP


1:15 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Examine the Special AC&BP Considerations That Relate to Ingested Goods

Most counterfeited goods cause economic harm to the brand owner. But when the item is something ingested, it can cause significant physical, mental, and emotional distress and injury.

As a brand owner, understanding the current and future landscape as it relates to your products that fall under FDA and USDA regulations is paramount.
However, what are the special considerations you must adhere to, as it relates to working with the FDA and USDA to ensure your ingestible products are safe and up to code?

In this highly specialized session, the speakers will share their perspectives on how a brand can effectively:

  • Protect their products from being counterfeited, and in turn distributed and sold
  • Work with the USDA, FDA, and other government agencies to prevent, reduce, and stop this highly dangerous activity
  • Collaborate with the FDA & USDA to ensure product integrity, on a product launch, compliance, packaging, and sales and distribution level

5:00 PM Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs): Examine the ACBP Product & Service Provider Marketplace

In these Round Robin Interactive Discussion Groups, our brand owner and solution provider speakers will facilitate small roundtable discussions on a wide variety of AC&BP products and services available on the market today – and in a manner that ensures open and unbiased dialogue regarding each offering.

This session is designed to encourage a roll up your sleeves dynamic whereas brands can openly share their thoughts on AC&BP products and services they have utilized to date, and/or are looking into for future projects.

In this extended session, our speakers will discuss:

Track & Trace
Online Monitoring
Brand Protection
Outside Counsel